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Dallas, TX. Chronic Homelessness is on the Rise.

According to the Metro Dallas Alliance, the number of people experiencing the homelessness is 4,410. A total of 3,996 people were reported homeless in Dallas County, 1,324 of whom are considered to be unsheltered, meaning that they don’t seek housing in shelters and live on the street. In Collin County, 414 people were reported homeless, with 56 unsheltered.

MDHA president and CEO Joli Angel Robinson said that’s not surprising. Homeless people are seeing fewer pathways to housing access and advocates for the homeless are doing a better job of assessing and documenting those populations.(1)

Questions also surround the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, which is recognized by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department as Dallas and Collin counties’ continuum of care or lead agency in their homelessness response. The group has come under fire in recent years over its past management of a system that tracks homelessness and other issues.(2) There are temporary shelters for the homeless in the state which unfortunately is not the solution of this rising problem, in this case people look for sustainable and affordable options.

As an organization we aim to help these helpless and homeless citizens and provide them with shelter, food and train them to build an effective and independent society.

As for now after the Pandemic it is very important for everyone to catch back with their happy and healthy lives again. According to HUD data, the area that covers Dallas and Collin counties reported 9,259 people who used homeless services in 2020, the latest year available. That count is higher than areas that cover Harris County (7,911), Tarrant County (6,174), Bexar County (5,048) and Travis County (3,386).(3)

Our call is towards the solution of this rising problem and help as many as we could; these times are tough for many, once the Pandemic is completely over we must help one another to settle and bring back to life again.


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