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Jobs & Training

Jobs & Training for Adults, Veterans and Families

By L.I.F.E. Development Community

Dallas/Fort worth, TX

We want to help those in our community thrive. This starts with a professionalism & Wellness. There are options out there that you may not be aware of.


Education is the essential to the door of success and we act like a key to open the door which unlocks future benefits and income. As we believe an educated community is a strong community and we play our part by helping our community members get this.


For those who have skills and want a hand on training to know the experience and knowledge we help providing those trainings in the respective areas

Job Assistance:

This is for those looking for jobs in their respective fields like restaurants, schools and etc.

Business Start-up:

Anyone looking to get skills or knowledge in any particular area we will help them get in getting a hands on training and empower with those skills which will help opening a business startup of your own.

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