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Executive Summary


Advocate for the Homeless and Housing Insecure CEO, LIFE Development Community, Inc.

Living In Faith Everyday (L.I.F.E.)


Dana Prewitt is a purpose-driven leader who believes that, within all people, there is both purpose and a core of good. Five years ago, he heeded a spiritual and social responsibility call to provide a haven of safety and a community of support for the homeless and housing insecure. L.I.F.E. Development Community INC was established in 2018 and, by 2020, a model for an innovative sustainable community was established, targeting the growing number of homelessness individuals and families in Dallas /Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas. Working with a network of partners and the L.I.F.E. Leadership Coalition, the project will provide a holistic approach to housing and empowering clients to heal and discover the purpose within.

Dana is a passionate CEO, business leader and management professional with a
reputation for delivering focused solutions and sound decisions that result in the realization of goals. Imbued with a commitment to mission, he works to nurture successful and purpose-driven teams, programs and partnerships that work in unison to respond to those in housing crisis.

Prior to being CEO to L.I.F.E., Dana’s former career in Information Technology Integration cultivated adept problem-solving and creative thinking skills, as well as the ability to manage large scale projects. His engineering-mind and process driven expertise, combined with a natural ability to work with others in uncovering solutions, inspires a culture of quality and excellence in all that he does.

As a professional driven by faith, Dana aspires to create a cutting-edge housing and community development company that demonstrates a model of business that is sustainable, profitable and – most of all – a testimony to the power of good people working collectively for the greater good

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